Mini-grids and micro-grids along with other off-grid solutions have the potential to bring electricity to almost two-thirds of those without access across the world – and especially in India and Africa, where the needs are greatest.


Mini-grid business models vary by ownership, size and customer, including demand management, promotion of productive end use, quality of electricity service, tariff design, revenue collection and end user finance.  All our mini-grid projects are custom designed with all those considerations considered.


The models vary according to the following:


  • Ownership and management of the distribution and generation assets of the mini-grid (which may be done by public, private, or community entities or public private partnerships or other hybrid models).
  • Size (varying from a few kW to usually up to no more than 200kW).  
  • Customers (which may include households, small businesses, large anchor clients or a mixture of all three).
  • Customers must have the ability to pay with mobile-money through smart-metering (when the power is sold as a service and offered as PAYGO).


Due to technological and institutional innovations and cost reductions mini-grids are now an attractive option and are emerging as the viable option for meeting the energy demand in Sub-Saharan Africa, and South and East Asia.



Mini and micro grid systems with the integration of solar offer tremendous potential to enhance reliability, resilience, and long-term energy security while decreasing both fossil-fuel dependence and overall energy costs.

Solar Home Systems

Solar home systems (SHS) are stand-alone solar cost-affective systems that supply power for lighting and basic appliances to remote off-grid households, in rural areas that are not connected to the grid.  SHS can be used to meet a household’s energy demand fulfilling basic electric needs.


Combining a solar panel with a storage battery, energy efficient LED lights with the ability to charge a mobile phone is typically the entry point for a new customer.  This can be purchased outright, a service, or payment instalments typically using a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model. Larger SHS often bundled with appliances like TVs, stereos, fridges, fans and even irons results in higher purchase costs for each household. 


Access to SHS electricity enhances the general quality of life to users.  Activities of daily living, studying, working with light, watching TV programs, charging electronic devices are frequently undertaken by people who have a SHS.

DC solar appliances


The demand for more powerful off-grid solutions are increasing with the development of more highly efficient DC household appliances.  Lights, fans, televisions, inverters, lanterns, water and well-pumps and air-conditioning.  Plug-and-play products like solar street lights are irrigation pumps are popular as the come with many advantages especially easy installation.  It is plugged into the ground and ready to use, requiring no electricity to be pulled to it, uses a sensor-based system to power it on and off and require low maintenance.

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