A particular area of expertise is mini, micro-grids and Solar Home Systems (SHS’s), storage systems that are connected to small local distribution network that supply electricity to rural communities, households and small businesses.​

Tioman is involved in every step of the process, from market sizing, site selection, business model design and community engagement.​

Our consumers receive an affordable and reliable utility service​.

Without a reliable energy supply it is difficult to escape a subsistence lifestyle and poverty. Solar energy mini-grids are a perfect solution for rural communities and can be developed and designed to provide essential access to electricity.  Due to the remoteness of the locations such solutions, using appropriate business models, represent a cheaper option than extending the national grid.


These mini-grids are designed to support between 2,000 to 3,000 inhabitants by providing grid-standard alternating-current power directly to all buildings – shops, cafes, schools, health centres, places of worship and homes. These services include refrigeration and charging of appliances such as LED lanterns and mobile phones. The infrastructure houses the plant equipment and provides office and meeting facilities for the community and its committees, acting as a village focus.​


Renewable energy that provides clean drinking water is our passion and is at the heart of what we do, both as a business and individuals who work for Tioman. As much as we believe in contributing our knowledge, we also believe in partnerships and cooperation. Together we can accomplish more.

Our investors get access to bankable investments in a high-growth market​
Rural communities are empowered to contribute to economic development​
Governments reach their electrification and renewable energy targets​
Sustainable irrigation helps farmers adapt to climate change and maintain productivity​

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