Mini Grids

Utilising our extensive network we identify projects that will benefit from our expertise of putting partners together to achieve business outcomes.‚Äč

Mini grids

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Tioman are looking for investors to help bridge the gap with financing projects beyond the grid. We are also looking for reliable products and partners to provide us with solutions.Tioman are building sustainable energy programmes for customers and we  would like you to contact us and get involved to #contributetochange.


Looking for investors!

Tioman Group mini grids
Tioman Group mini grids


Mini-grids and micro-grids along with other off-grid solutions have the potential to bring electricity to almost two-thirds of those without access across the world – and especially in India and Africa, where the needs are greatest.





Worked With Azuri To Open The Market In Ghana And To Bring SHS’s To Off-Grid Remote Villages Throughout The Country Provided Street Lights For The Government With Sumec In Accra.


Burkina Faso

Worked on the Project with Akon Lighting Africa to provide street lights and Solar Home Systems (SHS’s). 

Worked with a Mining Company Pan African Minerals to provide security and intel for their Mining deposit. Also helped negotiate the contract with the Government and the Client.



Working with Akon Lighting Africa was involved with them from the setting up of the company/organisation to assist with providing information on SHS’s, Agent Modelling, business planning and high-level negotiations with companies that they wanted to work with.  Also provided security when required during the Tour.  This including meetings/presentations/press conferences with the Presidents of each country that are included in this report.


Mali / Niger / Senegal

Worked with Akon Lighting Africa 



Brought Azuri to Liberia.



Worked with Azuri to close their largest deal of 20,000 SHS’s purchased by the Federal Government of Nigeria.  This took 2 years to get financed.  Found the local Partner in Nigeria to work with and moved to Nigeria to support the project.  Wrote the business plan, found the locations, hired the team and still project Managing the project today.


Provided Security/intel hired team for NGO in Abuja that has 8 companies within the Group 


Sierra Leone

Brought Azuri to Sierra Leone over 6 years ago, Azuri’s first West African Country.


Provided Intel/Security to African Minerals Largest Iron Ore Mining Deposit in Sierra Leone 



Home Solar Systems



Brought Azuri to Togo.



Solar Power Station First Stage waiting for Licence

Wuna Village

The Solar Sector -  a Nigerian initiative

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